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VintageMusicShop Paris on Spotify

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

This week I started to create a playlist with an at random selection of French Sheet Music chansons on Spotify. It means that there is a match between the available sheet music partitions of the French chansons in our database and the songs on Spotify. These particular French chansons were recorded between 1900 and 1950.

The chansons are made in a long tradition of storytelling, opera, operetta, cabaret, revue, film, theater, bal-musette and dance-music. Of course the music has developed tremendously over the last decades and if you listen carefully you'll discover beautiful melodies and music ideas that you can integrate into your own musical ideas.

Or just enjoy the beauty of Vintage Music.

Click on the Spotify image below to visit the French Sheet Music chansons playlist.

For downloading a particular partition please visit our shop by clicking the link: French Sheet Music, and use the search facilities to find the song you're looking for.

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