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Explore a treasure of partitions in different styles of music for solo and orchestra


An archive with unique partitions.

Every composition in this archive is a little piece of art in music, poetry and design. If you are a musician, singer-song writer, or lover of old school music, this music is a treasure of inspiration for the development of new ways in music by embracing the musical heritage of this particular generation. 


The idea and development for this website started a few years ago with the discovery of an archive with partitions of almost forgotten music in the cellar of an old house in Chambonchard in the middle of France. The music belonged to a family of composers and musicians. This treasure showed a variety of musical arrangements for the early dancing orchestra, salon orchestra, jazz bands, Bal-Musette ensembles, solo partitions and many chansons from the period 1890-1945.

The aim of this website is to inspire people from all over the world to keep this music alive as a tribute to the old musicians. Please feel free to discover the music and be surprised about the quality, craftsmanship and variety of the old songs and compositions.

With your support we keep this music alive and make it available.

If you have any specific requests regarding Vintage Music Shop, please feel free to contact us!


Happy playing!

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