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'On the black sea' by Georges Boulanger and Leo Rodi: kick-off VintageMusicShop Berlin

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Beside the French Sheet Music, we started this week with the exploration of great vintage German Sheet Music.

After the Great War, Berlin was the center of a rich music life with many outstanding Dance-Orchestra's, Jazz-bands and with many influences from gypsy musicians from the Balkan.

I found some very interesting partitions from Leo Rodi to start with, performed by the famous violinist Georges Boulanger and his Orchestra in 1939.

If you want to learn from the great masters this is a good opportunity to dive into this special music with the taste of Tango combined with gypsy influences from the Balkan.


By clicking the image below you can download the complete partition 'Am Schwarzen Meer' for orchestra or you may click just for downloading the piano- , accordion- or violin part.

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