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The King of Military Marches: Hermann Ludwig Blankenburg,

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

During my research this week on Vintage Music, I found some interesting partitions of H.L. Blankenburg, (1878-1956) composer of over 1300 pieces for military bands. Military music is not my specialty, but I'm still amazed about his composing skills and the quantity of his compositions. He composed for many years one piece a week and was in his time as famous as composers like John Philip Sousa. His most famous piece is 'Abschied der Gladiatoren'. Many of his marches are still played by bands all over the world. Not all his work is preserved because of the Second World War. The pieces I found are now available in the Vintage Music Shop for orchestra and piano:

- Fackelreiter;

- Kämpfend vorwärts! (1936);

- Lützow Marsch;

- Weltenstürmer.

Enjoy the music.


There is still a huge audience for Taptoe bands and military traditional music.

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