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Dark Eyes (Ochi Chornya)

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Dark Eyes, Deine schwarze Augen or Les Yeux Noirs is one of the most famous Russian romance songs: 'Ochi Chornya, 1843'.

In the French Sheet Music collection, I found a nice example 'Tes Yeux Noirs' for vocals and accordion- and/or guitar accompaniment.

With the development of the German Sheet Music collection, it showed an orchestral work 'Deine schwarze Augen', arranged by the Italian composer Leo Rodi, likely for the famous violinist Georges Boulanger and his orchestra.

During the late thirties Django Reinhardt turned the Walz into Swing in the Gypsy Jazz style of the Hot Club the France.

Click the image above for more information about 'Tes Yeux Noirs'.

All three examples are now available in the shop:

1. Tes Yeux Noirs, Vocals and accompaniment;

2. Deine schwarze Augen, Orchestral work;

3. Les Yeux Noirs, Guitar Solo.

So you see, you can use your own imagination to play Dark Eyes whether you are a director of an orchestra or just love love to sing and/or play nice melodies. Even Louis Armstrong loved to play this song.


Click the image below for more information about 'Deine schwarze Augen' for orchestra.

By clicking the link above you get more information about the available piano- or the violin version of 'Deine schwarze Augen'

Listen to (deine) 'Schwarze Augen' by the the great violinist Georges Boulanger and his Orchestra.

Click the image below for more information about the Les Yeux Noirs for Gypsy Jazz guitar Solo.

Listen to this amazing guitar solo by Django Reinhardt.

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