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A Paris

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

A few years ago I watched the documentary 'Paris Musette' on television about the French Bal-Musette tradition in Paris. It gave me the right feel of the music played in the small cafe's, bars, hotels and entertainment facilities in the center of the city like Montmartre, Moulin Rouge, Place Pigalle, Paris Casino and so on. The accordion accompanied by the guitar was and still is a prominent instrument to express the feeling of listening to nice melodies on a terrace.

One of the melodies I loved from this documentary was the composition 'A Paris' by Francis Lemarque played in the Valse-Musette style by Marcel Azzola on accordion.

After some research I could not find the proper piece of French sheet music and so I decided to make my own arrangement based on a record by Emile Prud'homme. I hope you like this video fragment and I recommend to watch the entire documentary.


Listen on Spotify to the 'A Paris' version by Emile Prud'homme and his orchestra.


Listen on SoundCloud to the 78t Valse Musette recording 'A Paris' version by Emile Prud'homme et son Ensemble.


Click the image below for details on this French Sheet Music arrangement 'A Paris' for Accordion solo, Guitar accompaniment and Guitar Tabs

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