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Philips Vintage Radio


With        Bluetooth

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Vintage Radios with        Bluetooth

Vintage Radios with Bluetooth


In our Vintage Music Repair shop you'll find some original tube radio's from 1938-1970.  We used these radios for the Vintage Radio Project. It is our aim to make vintage radios ready for modern times, without losing the character of its sound. Tube radios are famous because of the very warm sound they produce. After we did the technical revision on the vintage tube radios, we integrated a Bluetooth receiver (and/or Chromecast) for making it possible to stream music from any device.


We were astonished about the results. Even the Belgium Barco radio from 1938 produces the great warm sound! These products are very sustainable and we love to listen to the original jazz recordings using vintage radios.


Please send us an email if you are interested in one of the products. We love to help you to purchase a good functioning revised vintage tube radio with an integrated bluetooth- or google chromecast receiver.

Your contribution supports our mission to keep the Vintage Music alive!

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