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Théodore Botrel, Poems and Politics

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Today I dived into the life of Théodore Botrel, a French singer-songwriter (14 September 1868 – 28 July 1925), well known as the 'Bard of the Armies' during the Great War. Although he couldn't read music, others wrote the music down while listening to his song, poems and poetry. Nothing to wonder about because many singer-song artists work in the same way. I would like you to show some interesting pieces of French sheet music of Théodore Botrel about his political ideas and his thoughts about the French Revolution. 'Chansons de la Fleur-de-Lys' handles the period of the 'Reign of Terror' by Robespierre in the year 1793 with the killing of Louis XVI, his family and over 16.000 death sentences all over France. Théodore Botrel was a convinced Royalist, Roman-Catholic, pro-Brittish conservative and certainly anti revolution. Above all he was a very proud Frenchman and Breton.

Click the image above or below to get more information about the chanson, or use the search engine on the 'French Sheet Music' homepage, and search for example under 'composers in spotlight' for 'Théodore Botrel'.

A la santé du Roi is a drinking song to the health of the king.

Perhaps the Breton and royalist Botrel referred also to King George V of England as the savior of France in defeating the Germans during the Great War. Maybe some of the readers of this blog know more about Botrel as the 'Bard of the Armies'.

Nevertheless, politics, music and musicians are very close related, just like singer-song writers like Bob Dylan and Donovan performed during the seventies and many others do nowadays.

As you already noticed, I have a professional interest in Sociology, History and Music. I like to know how people lived, worked and loved, how they thought about politics and society and the way they explained their feelings on paper and vinyl. Those expressions are for me very important to understand the era and the music.

Feel the taste of the old days and listen to the drinking song 'A la santé du Roi' by Théodore Botrel.


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